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Find YOUR Element


The four essential elements exist in all of us and their unique combinations determine our distinct personalities. These elements represent energy and symbolize different facets of human life. They all come from nature. Consequently, by connecting with them and understanding their presence in us, we become aware of our connection and relationship with nature.

Element Outdoor Education adventure activities are developed around the four essential elements. These adventures will be outcome based allowing participants to observe their personal progress while taking part in a variety of activities designed to explore each elements qualities and determine their true self. These activities will explore different facets of the outdoors through unique experiences that will connect participants with nature and discover the beauty of their community and  the province we call home.

Adventures are divided into morning and afternoon sessions for different age groups with a low instructor to participant ratio. Participants may choose to do one or all of the weekly adventures.

Adventure Week 
(Ages 8* to 12**)
*8 by December 31
**Will accept older participants. 

During this week​​ participants will experience a variety of outdoor adventure activities full of exciting and fun challenges while exploring the elements of nature. Activities such as archery, orienteering/GPS, survival skills training, team challenges, bouldering and slack lining will give participants valuable skills that will enable them the confidence to play in an outdoor setting.

Mountain Bike Madness Week 

(Ages 8* to 12**)

The Mountain Biking program provides a fun way for participants to become active and explore their element in cycling. It will introduce them to skills that are challenging and exciting and allow them to become confident and safe riders. Participants will develop at their own level through carefully designed courses before taking to newly developed skills to local bike trails. 

Paddle Week

(Ages 8* to 12** )

Paddling is an excellent way to explore natures ponds, lakes, rivers, and oceans. All sessions are developed following Paddle Canada Safe Paddling courses enabling participants the skills and confidence to enjoy water in a safe and fun environment. Participants will enjoy games, paddling skill development and water safety. Certification is available in some programming.

Paddle Canada Sea Kayaking

(Recommended 14 to Adults)

Interested in exploring the beautiful rugged shores and tranquil bays of our beautiful province. One of the most unique and fulfilling ways to do this is in a sea kayak. Element Outdoor Education offers accredited Paddle Canada Level 1 and Level 2 Safe Sea Kayaking courses that will enable participants the skills, knowledge  and confidence to have a safe a enjoyable voyage

Family Daze!

(Everyone welcome!)

Family adventures will provide a weekend of fun for the whole family. Element Outdoor Education offers weekend experiences in Adventure themes, Mountain Biking and Paddling.

Fall Survival

(Ages 8-12**)

Learn how to survive an apocalypse - Zombie style!!

This fun themed based bushcraft adventure will teach participants how to survive in the great outdoors in the event of a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!

Activities include:


Finding Food/Water

Fire safety

First Aid


Survival Shelters

Survival Tools

AND ZOMBIE HUNT and Bonfire!!

Winter Survival

(Ages 8-12**)

Surviving a winter in Newfoundland can be challenging... especially if your in the outdoors! However, through fun themed based bushcraft activities participants will learn how to survive in a land covered in snow and ice!

Activities include:

Snow Survival Shelters

Fire safety

First Aid for Hypothermia

Survival Tools


Scavenger Hunt and Cook Up!!


Local Woods and Fields around Corner Brook

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