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Element Outdoor Education is monitoring the current situation regarding COVID-19 and the effects it is having on Summer Day Camps and Activities in Newfoundland and Labrador. Details about restrictions will follow as soon as we receive the province's requirements which may cause the programming of activities or following guidelines to be modified.

Covid-19 Guidelines

Please note, due to the nature of some of the activities, Element Outdoor Education cannot guarantee social distancing throughout the entirety of the program. However, the following will be added to each program to minimize the amount of risk and physical contact among participants:

  • Participants (adult activities), parents and/or guardians of participants will be asked to fill out an online form asking specific screening questions regarding COVID-19. 

  • Where possible, there will be modified drop off and pick up zones.

  • Safety sessions educating participants on proper hand washing and social distancing will be given at the beginning of each activity week.

  • Activities will be designed for individuals and small groups.

  • Venues for activities will be held in areas with low people traffic to minimize any interaction between participants and general public. 

  • Sharing of personal equipment will not be allowed ex. food and drinks, bikes, paddles, etc.

  • If group equipment is used it will be sanitized between each individual use.

  • If a participant develops any of COVID-19 related symptoms during the day, a parent or guardians will be contacted immediately and asked to come and pick up the participant. The participant, and any staff interacting with the participant, will be provided with a mask. Please note, any sort of mask may be used – whether it be a scarf or any available medical mask.


Element Outdoor Education's number one priority is safety for its participants and staff. If you have any concerns or questions regarding any of the items mentioned please feel free to contact us.

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